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Our Desert Safari Camp in Jaisalmer is exclusive and luxurious. Desert Safari Camp is the best desert camp in Jaisalmer. Our camp gives back to the communities around us. Jaisalmer is a fascinating destination, very different from any other place in India. Jaisalmer is a splendid region in the Maharaja state of India in Rajasthan. Desert safari in Jaisalmer is a much-revered activity in the Thar Desert. Desert Safari Camp is known as the best camp in Jaisalmer. The resort is 42 km away from the Golden City of Jaisalmer. Traditional Marwari Rajasthani cuisine awaits you during your stay in our Desert Camp. Our luxury camp in Jaisalmer also hosts exclusive dining sections for all our guests. Desert Safari Camp is a luxury desert camp in Jaisalmer. It has been the mirror of Rajasthan's rich culture & spirit of this colorful state. Our Desert Safari Camp is here to serve you with some of the amazing experiences in Jaisalmer. Our luxury camp is much comfortable. You will not have any kind of problem staying with us.

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Under Sky Sleeping

Let's directly sleep under the sky

In Desert Safari camp Jaisalmer we organize special exclusive Under Sky Sleeping in the desert of Rajasthan. We offer an experience to enjoy under the clear night sky with the sight of twinkling stars. There is something beautiful about sleeping out under the stars. It gives us those moments of realisation and tells us we are just so tiny in comparison to the cosmos. The unique sensation of waking up at the chirping of birds and not the alarm clock is simply out of this world! Package includes night stay under the sky, camel safari, traditional welcome, refreshment, Folk music and dance, bone fire, dinner and breakfast.

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Desert Safari

Best Desert Safari Camp, , Jaisalmer

Camel safari is a must when you are in Jaisalmer. A memory to share with your family and friends when you are backing home. The most popular place for camel safaris in India is in the desert around Jaisalmer.if you think you are more on the adventure side then try the Jeep safari to explore the desert. Jeep Safari is considered the fast and comfortable way to explore the beauty of Jaisalmer. By jeep safari tours you can travel around the wildlife, dunes places, and deserts.


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Jeep Safari

Jeeps can take you to the interiors of a village or a town. This adventure will gift you memories to last for a lifetime.

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